Thanks to a marketing opportunity for the Hunters movie, I flew to Japan in October 2015 to meet with director John Moore, producer Peter Veverka, and brand manager Chris Smith. We spent several days in Tokyo and Yokohama while conducting meetings with the Nissan Corporation and had a blast while we were there.

Not only did we get to drive vehicles on the Nissan test track, but we also went to the Tokyo Motor Show where we met up with
Shiro Nakamura (the Chief Creative Officer of Nissan), who showed us some cool concept cars that we hope to use in the movie. Plus, craziest of all, we got to experience Halloween in Japan. All in all, it was an incredible trip, and I look forward to working with Nissan on the Hunters franchise.

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Narita International Airport (near Tokyo, Japan)
Outside Nissan headquarters (Yokohama, Japan)
With movie director John Moore at Nissan headquarters (Yokohama, Japan)
In the Nissan Gallery at Nissan headquarters (Yokohama, Japan)
Sensoji Temple (Tokyo, Japan)
Sensoji Temple (Tokyo, Japan)
Sensoji Temple (Tokyo, Japan)
Sensoji Temple (Tokyo, Japan)
2015 Tokyo Motor Show at the Tokyo Big Sight
Nissan Gripz concept car at Tokyo Motor Show
This car is probably too small for me.
The Imperial Palace Grounds are in the middle of Tokyo.
A giant moat protects the Imperial Palace Grounds.
The Imperial Palace Grounds are unbelievably tranquil.
Higashi Honganji Temple (Tokyo, Japan)
Higashi Honganji Temple (Tokyo, Japan)
Kamon Restaurant at the Imperial Hotel (Tokyo, Japan)