For those of you who don't know, I have mentioned the country of Malta in all of my novels since
The Lost Throne. (Why? You can read the full story here.)

What started off as an inside joke to amuse myself grew into something more when the Malta Tourism Authority invited me and two of my author friends
Graham Brown and Boyd Morrison (and his wife Randi)to see everything that Malta had to offer.

We quickly accepted before the MTA could change its mind and found ourselves in the Mediterranean in June 2015. I don't want to speak for the others, but it truly was a trip of a lifetime.

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Graham, Chris, Boyd, and Randi at the Fontella Tea Garden (Mdina, Malta)
Mdina is a fortified city in the northern region of Malta
Exploring the streets of Mdina
Cannon in front of St. Pauls Cathedral in Mdina
This knight refused to talk to me, so I made him smell my armpit.
Where does the sky end and the sea begin?
View of the Mediterranean from Dingli Cliffs
Entrance to the Franciscan Capuchin Friars Crypt
The friars were buried standing up in crypts sealed with glass.
Cannon Salute at the Upper Barrakka Gardens
Yacht trip to the island of Gozo
Boarding the Moon Mist
One last photo in case the yacht sinks and we die.
Relaxing on the yacht
The sea was calm and the yacht was fabulous.
Goofing off near Cenc Il-Kantra Lido Restaurant
Malta Maritime Museum in Vittoriosa
Fort Manoel is currently being renovated, but it was still incredible.
View of Grand Harbour from Fort Manoel
Action shot from Fort Manoel
Entrance to the Malta Tourism Authority in Valetta
An original copy of Les Propheties by Nostradamus in National Library of Malta
View above Ramla Bay
We pushed Boyd over the rail to let you see the beach of Ramla Bay.
Boat trip from Birgu
Enjoying the Grand Harbour
Circling the Grand Harbour
Still circling the Grand Harbour
Finally heading back to Birgu
The Blue Grotto is HUGE. That is a boat sticking out of Grahams neck.
Stephen Calleja (one of our hosts) leads us into the Blue Grotto.
For some reason, the guy on the right is eating his hat. WTF?
Our trip made news in the UK (photo from The Guardian)