In June 2016, I flew to Italy for a three-week research trip. We started off in Rome, then went to the Amalfi Coast for five days. We also took side trips to Vatican City, Orvieto, Capri, Pompeii, and Naples before heading to Northern Italy. Here are some of my favorite photos from the first half of the trip.

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The Pantheon (Rome, Italy)
The Pantheon (Rome, Italy)
The Colosseum (Rome, Italy)
Palatine Hill (Rome, Italy)
Palatine Hill (Rome, Italy)
Altare della Patria (Rome, Italy)
Castel Sant Angelo (Rome, Italy)
St. Peters Square (Vatican City)
Pushing the Sfera con Sfera (Vatican City)
St. Peters Basilica (Vatican City)
Fortified Wall near St. Patricks Well (Orvieto, Italy)
Entrance to Saint Patricks Well (Orvieto, Italy)
Looking down Saint Patricks Well (Orvieto, Italy)
Bottom of St. Patricks Well (Orvieto, Italy)
Boat trip on Amalfi Coast (Italy)
Approaching Positano (Italy)
Wharf in Positano (Italy)
View from Above (Positano, Italy)
Boat trip on Amalfi Coast (Italy)
Chris, Boyd & Randi Morrison on Amalfi Coast (Italy)
Bridge on Amalfi Coast (Italy)
Abandoned Mill (Sorrento, Italy)
Monte Solaro Chairlift (Capri, Italy)
View from Monte Solaro Chairlift (Capri, Italy)
Taking pictures atop Castel Sant Elmo (Naples, Italy)
Our group mounting the peak of Mount Vesuvius
View atop Mount Vesuvius
The least-needed sign in history (Mount Vesuvius)
Rocks in my shoe after climbing Mount Vesuvius
Ruins in Pompeii (Italy)
Chris and Graham Brown in Pompeii (Italy)
Ancient Road (Pompeii, Italy)
Ancient House (Pompeii, Italy)
Statue in Pompeii (Italy)
The Odeon (Pompeii, Italy)
Victim of Vesuvius eruption (Pompeii, Italy)
L-R: Graham Brown, Chris, Randi & Boyd Morrison, Ian Harper (Pompeii, Italy)