Contact from Hollywood

Over the past decade, I’ve been contacted by several people from Hollywood who were interested in optioning my books, but nothing ever panned out. Sometimes it was bad timing (theirs), and sometimes it was a bad fit (mine), but something always came up. I’m very protective of my characters, and I’m not willing to sell my stories to people who have a different vision than I do. Let’s face it, Payne & Jones: The Musical is not a good idea. (Or is it?)
Anyway, like most authors I’ve always dreamed of watching my stories come to life on the big screen, but I knew it would take the right set of circumstances for my dream to become a reality. Well, after years of disappointment, I’m happy to report that things are finally falling into place.

Back in March 2013, I was notified by
Scott Miller (my literary agent at Trident Media in New York) and Jon Cassir (my film agent at CAA in Hollywood) that a British movie producer wanted to speak to me about THE HUNTERS, a book that had been released two months earlier in the UK. It had received rave reviews in England’s and Australia’s largest newspapers, and a buzz was building about the potential of the series.

All of that good press had drawn the attention of Piers Tempest, a veteran of the movie business who has worked with Ben Kingsley, Kate Winslet, Toni Collette, Gillian Anderson, and a long list of Hollywood stars. Piers had made his name on independent films, but his success in that arena had led him to big-budget features. Financially backed by Jo Bamford (of JCB manufacturing), all Piers needed was the right material to work with.

As soon as he read THE HUNTERS, he knew it had everything he was looking for. Not only does it have the action and suspense to be a blockbuster, but he realized it could potentially spawn treasure-hunting sequels for years to come. At least that’s his hope—and mine, too!

Obviously there’s a lot of work that needs to be done in the coming months for this movie to become a reality. We still need several things to go our way to get this book filmed
and into cinemas around the world, but I have to admit I’m cautiously optimistic about the project.