Over the course of several novellas, Origins will delve into the history of the major characters in the Hunters series while providing clues and insight into future books.

The first novella is called
Before the Storm, and it focuses on the team leader of the Hunters. After his unexpected discharge from the U.S. Army, Jack Cobb finds it difficult to adjust to civilian life. Thankfully, two of his closest friends (Payne & Jones) come to his rescue. But their tales of adventure do more than cheer him up. They open his eyes to an opportunity that will change his life forever.

Unlike my other books,
Before the Storm is light on action and heavy on character development. It gives you a glimpse into the psyche of Cobb while showcasing a side of him you haven't seen before. He's always quite serious during his missions, but Payne & Jones have a way of bringing out the humor in everyone.

After reading this story, I'm confident your notion of Cobb will change forever.