Welcome to my favorite part of my website. Why? Because I’ve never seen anything like it on another author’s site. Either that means my idea is
really creative or really stupid. Obviously, I’m voting for “creative”.

I'm sure you're wondering: what is a virtual book tour? Well, it’s an opportunity to guide you through my books, using pictures of the actual locations in my stories. Always wondered what
the monasteries in The Lost Throne looked like? What about the Mayan ruins in The Death Relic? Or the cisterns in The Forbidden Tomb? Well, wonder no more. I’ve compiled photographs of all the key sites and arranged them by chapter.

SPOILER ALERT If you haven’t read a particular book, you should not view its virtual book tour because these pages contain items that will spoil the plot. These photos and descriptions are intended to supplement the books, not to replace them.

Okay, now that my warning is out of the way, please click on a cover and enjoy your tour!

(THE MALTA ESCAPE tour will become active once the book is released on November 9, 2018.)


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The virtual book tour cannot be viewed in portrait mode on mobile phones. Please turn your phone horizontally. And if that doesn't work, get a new phone.