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Chapter 1 Hallasan is a massive shield volcano that forms the bulk of Jeju Island. The mountain can be seen from all places on the island, but its peak is often covered in clouds. Standing 6,398 feet tall, it is the tallest mountain in South Korea.

Hallasan (Jeju Island, South Korea)

Chapter 2 The view from Mount Washington was rated the second most beautiful vista in America (and the best urban vista) by USA Today.

View from Mount Washington (Pittsburgh, PA)

Chapter 5 U.S. Army Base Kwajalein and the Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site are located on the Kwajalein Atoll. Believe or not, this beach is nearby.

Republic of the Marshall Islands

Chapter 8 Harubang, also known as a stone grandfather, are mushroom-like statues that are found throughout Jeju Island.

Stone Grandfather (Jeju Island, South Korea)

Chapter 9 ― This is one of the road signs near the city of Mecca; non-muslims must exit.

Road Sign (Mecca, Saudi Arabia)

Chapter 19 Jeju World Cup Stadium and Cheonjiyeon Waterfall are two of the most popular tourist destinations on Jeju Island.

Jeju World Cup Stadium (Jeju Island, South Korea)

Cheonjiyeon Waterfall (Jeju Island, South Korea)

Chapter 19 ― The Blackstone Resort is an exclusive hotel on Jeju Island.

Blackstone Resort (Jeju Island, South Korea)

Chapter 27 Seongsan Peak is on the eastern end of Jeju Island. It is the site of the annual Seongsan Sunrise Festival, which is held on New Year’s Eve.

Seongsan Peak (Jeju Island, South Korea)

Aerial View of Seongsan Peak (Jeju Island, South Korea)

Seongsan Sunrise Festival

Chapter 44 ― Construction of the Abraj Al Bait Towers near the Holy Mosque.

View from Holy Mosque in 2007 (Mecca, Saudi Arabia)

Abraj Al Bait Towers in 2009 (Mecca, Saudi Arabia)

Abraj Al Bait Towers in 2009 (Mecca, Saudi Arabia)

Abraj Al Bait Towers (Mecca, Saudi Arabia)

Chapter 48 ― More than two million Muslims participate in the annual pilgrimage.

Crowd at Holy Mosque during Hajj (Mecca, Saudi Arabia)

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