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Prologue This cross marks the spot in Lake Berg where the body of Ludwig II was found in 1886. It’s hard to imagine an experienced swimmer drowning in six inches of water.

Memorial Cross in Lake Berg (Bavaria)

King Ludwig II of Bavaria

Deathbed of King Ludwig II

Chapter 2 ― The Allegheny River is on the left, and the Monongahela River is on the right. They merge at “The Point,” where they form the Ohio River.

Point State Park (Pittsburgh, PA)

Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta

Chapter 6 Garmisch and Partenkirchen were separate towns for over a thousand years, until Adolf Hitler forced them to combine prior to hosting the 1936 Winter Olympics.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Bavaria)

Chapter 9 Currywurst is a fast-food dish of German origin consisting of hot pork sausage cut into slices and seasoned with curry sauce or a ketchup-based sauce made with curry and other spices. The blue thing? It’s a currywurst fork.


Chapter 17 Lohengrin was the son of Percival, one of the Knights of the Round Table. According to legend, Lohengrin was sent to rescue a maiden in a far off land, a journey he made in a cockleshell boat pulled by a magical swan.


Chapter 18 Ludwig had just turned 18 when he ascended to the throne. Although he was still not fully prepared for high office, his youth and brooding good looks made him popular in Bavaria and elsewhere.

King Ludwig II (age 18)

Chapter 22 The King's House on Schachen is a small castle built by Ludwig II of Bavaria. The castle was constructed between 1869 and 1872. It can only be reached by a three to four hour hike from Garmisch-Partenkirchen—or by helicopter.

King’s House on Schachen (Bavaria)

Side View of King’s House on Schachen (Bavaria)

Chapter 27 The Turkish Room occupies the entire upper-floor of the castle, and is elaborately decorated in an Oriental fashion. The extravagant interior stands in stark contrast to the exterior, which is rather modest.

Turkish Hall (King’s House on Schachen)

Turkish Hall (King’s House on Schachen)

Chapter 40 The Partnach Gorge, or Partnachklamm, is a natural channel that was created over time by the force of rushing water. For a span of 2,305 feet, the Partnach River surges through a narrow limestone canyon with walls soaring to a height of 262 feet.

Entering the
Partnach Gorge (Bavaria)

Partnach Gorge (Bavaria)

Partnach Gorge (Bavaria)

A “Safety” Railing in the
Partnach Gorge

Tunnels in
the Partnach Gorge

Leaving the Partnach Gorge

Chapter 40 The Eckbauerbahn stretches 7,020 feet and handles as many as 300 people per hour in each direction. Traveling along an inch-thick steel cable that is supported by 27 towers, the open-air gondolas offer a great view of the valley without the hike.

Eckbauerbahn (Bavaria)

Eckbauerbahn (Bavaria)

Chapter 51 Neuschwanstein is so scenic that it inspired Walt Disney’s design of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland. Neuschwanstein was intended as a personal refuge for Ludwig II, but it was opened to the paying public immediately after his death in 1886. Since then over sixty million people have visited Neuschwanstein.

Neuschwanstein (Bavaria)

Top of Neuschwanstein (Bavaria)

Top of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle (Disneyland)

Neuschwanstein in Fog (Bavaria)

Neuschwanstein (Bavaria)

Throne Room (Neuschwanstein)

Chapter 54 Linderhof Palace is the smallest of the three palaces built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria. It was the only one completed before his death.

Linderhof Palace (Bavaria)

Fountain on Linderhof Grounds

Arbor on Linderhof Grounds

Hidden Entrance to Venus Grotto (Linderhof)

Venus Grotto (Linderhof)

Venus Grotto (Linderhof)

Chapter 59 The Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra) is a noted sea cave on the coast of Capri, Italy. Sunlight, passing through an underwater cavity, creates a blue reflection that illuminates the cavern.

Blue Grotto (Capri, Italy)

Grotta Azzurra inside Venus Grotto (Linderhof)

Chapter 71 Capri is an Italian island in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the Sorrentine Peninsula on the south side of the Gulf of Naples. It has been a resort since the time of the Roman Republic.

Capri 031
View from Piazza Umberto in Capri (June 2016)

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